Oral health has historically been regarded as the domain of dentists and dental hygienists. However, there is now sufficient evidence to suggest that a person’s oral health and overall health are interrelated, and that physicians, nurses and other non-dental healthcare providers have not been educated about the prevention, screening, detection and management of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.*†

Courses available at OralHealthEd.com have been researched, written and designed to help healthcare providers of all disciplines reconnect the mouth to the rest of the body. To help translate this knowledge into clinical practice, courses have been adapted for two audiences – dental and medical healthcare providers.

Courses for Dental Healthcare Providers

Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental clinic staff and other oral healthcare providers will find evidence-based continuing education courses that expand knowledge of oral-systemic relationships, translate this knowledge into clinical protocols, and provide a template for initiating interprofessional collaboration in this area of patient care.

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Courses for Medical Healthcare Providers

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, therapists and other non-dental healthcare providers will find courses of interest in the award-winning Oral-Systemic Health Education for Non-Dental Healthcare Providers curriculum, developed by the University of Manitoba to explicitly identify oral-systemic relationships, provide interprofessional education and encourage collaborative, patient-centered care targeting comorbidities associated with the oral cavity.
This innovative curriculum landed the University of Manitoba the 2015 Gies Award for Outstanding Innovation – Academic Dental Institution, and is being recognized as the first evidence-based, peer-reviewed, multi-platform collection of accredited continuing education courses to successfully engage dental and medical professionals as peers and bridge the knowledge gap between dentistry and medicine.

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The Gies AwardsOral-Systemic Health Education for Non-Dental Healthcare Providers

*American Association of Medical Colleges. Report IX; Contemporary issues in medicine: Oral health education for medical and dental students. Medical school objectives project. June 2008.

†Hein C, Schönwetter DJ, Iacopino AM. Inclusion of oralsystemic health in predoctoral/undergraduate curricula of pharmacy, nursing, and medical schools around the world: a preliminary study. J Dent Educ. 2011 Sep;75(9):1187-99.